Bot Hunters Collection Building Guide

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3 min readJan 18, 2022


By DecryptedCrypt8 — Twitter: @DecryptedCrypt8

For anyone looking for ideas on gathering their Elrond Hunters “Bot Hunters” collection. Here’s what I did, which might help you out.

* Went to “swap” channel on discord and get a feel of what people are willing to swap in return to what you have.

Once you get 2 of the same type and colour, that’s a good way to get started.

Go to:

I used Trust Market as a way to filter out specifically the “type” and “colour” that I have and what I would need (create a list on spreadsheet to make it easier for you).

You can then figure out which ones are selling right now and which are the ones that aren’t selling. Once done, you can then also find out the eGLD address of the owner.

Why do you need to find out which type and colours have people bought and they aren’t selling ?

Because sometimes people buy these NFT’s and they don’t realise that they could get a collection and get more out of it. If you can set up a spreadsheet of what they have — you’ll be able to track and know what they need. If they like the idea, then you can help them get what they need. Once you can help them with what they need, you can then get what you want. Swaps will be easy this way.

Once you find out their eGld address and send them a few cents or something and leave a message on the notes. If they see they received something they’ll check out where it’s from and see your message. They can then reply back to you if you leave your details there as well. If not, at least you tried.

If you want the quick way to get your collection because swaps take too long you can do what I did which is to purchase the items you’re missing.

Once you know from Trust Market the available NFT’s you need you can browse through the 3 marketplaces and “CTRL+F” the bot number to see if it’s been listed already. This is easier than having to flick and click through every NFT just to see if the one you want is listed.

You can then buy the NFT if you’re happy with the price it’s listed at.

Creating a spreadsheet with what you currently have against what you currently need also makes things easier. You can also put a column with a comment section for each NFT that you need with the link to the listing. Makes tracking the NFT easier if the price was adjusted especially to a lower price.

Or if you’re in the discord “swap” channel you can also directly message the person there or on twitter to see if they’re willing to sell the NFT that you need or renegotiate if need be.